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degradation of the wooden parts of buildings

wood floor

The causes of the deterioration of the wooden parts of buildings can be various. Implementation is often underestimated and there is no need to prepare those measures that can limit maintenance and extend the life of wooden parts.

Wooden parts should be protected from rain and moisture caused by the presence of water.

Even direct sunlight can ruin wood by varying its color and making it dry. Other causes of degradation can be the fungi growing on the dead wood in humid environments.

Another cause of decay is insects that feed on dead wood and pierce wood parts (eg moths).

Guarantee longer life

In order to guarantee a longer life to the wooden components, we will have to take care of the wood cutting and seasoning phases as well as an intelligent building design and a correct installation.

It will also affect the type of wood used (from which part of the trunk it comes) and the variety and quality of the plant.


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