Fireplace decline

cast iron and masonry stoves

fireplace stove

During the nineteenth century it was thought that the fireplace should be replaced by more technical and more comfortable heating forms. The diffusion of the cast iron stove, during the fifteenth century, decreed a slow decline well that in rural buildings it was still used for cooking.

The fireplace, however, remained and survived as a decorative style in noble houses. In Germany, as in Poland and in our South Tyrol, the presence of a plastered brick stove, placed between the living room wall and the kitchen, already used in the seventh century, remained used as a heating system with the aid of a large chimney hood, the use of wood and its being "center of the house".

masonry stove

The masonry stove, however, gave a better technical improvement and kept the fire closed, but it was too cumbersome, so much so that the establishment of central heating in cast iron radiators and subsequently of other materials, prevailed in the mid-nineteenth century .


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