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Seal the joints

the tile grout

When a paving is carried out, the details must be taken into account, and the finishing is best. The color of the joints, that is the spaces between a tile and the other, can be combined with the color of the tiles themselves.

tile joints

There are in fact available breakouts in a variety of colors including those we see above. Sealants with very showy metallic effects are also commercially available.

The tile joints

tile joints

The spaces between a tile and the other are sealed with special cements that guarantee a certain hydraulic seal to the flooring by joining the surface of each tile with the adjacent.

This operation that may seem trivial actually has a big impact on the final aesthetic result.

The sealant must be spread evenly over the joints using a damp sponge to remove excess.

Once the joints are dry, the floor can be washed. The grout will not attack on the tile surface.

tile joints

What is a joint sealer made of?

A sealant is made of cements, selected aggregates, U.V. stable pigments. and specific additives.


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