Passive solar heating

free heating from the sun

passive solar heating

For passive solar heating we mean all the precautions put into the field during the design phase to capture the sun's rays and use their energy to heat the domestic environments without the aid of active systems.

Correct orientation of the building and the layout of the rooms, windows facing the winter sun, floors that hold the radiation, shading panels to regulate the irradiation, are just some passive heating strategies.

We can define that the passive solar system offers us first of all an economic saving because the implementation of such a system is minimal, since the cost of the materials used is low: in fact the use of fans, pumps, pipes and particular mechanisms.

passive solar heating house

The radiation captured by the floors makes the floor warmer, ensuring a pleasant feeling in winter.

The advantage is also linked to comfort and health: with these systems the temperature is still adjustable.

If the system is not carefully designed, excessive temperature changes can cause bad comfort conditions. To overcome this disadvantage there are rather simple solutions such as the possibility of inserting opening windows, shielding and / or an auxiliary heating system.


Thermal bridges


Indirect gain heating


The first chimneys leaning against the wall


Reward gain isolated


The fireplace in the center


Fireplace evolution

Portaombrelli design Luca Perlini

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