Beta 1084-180 nippers review

test 2000 cuts and don't hear them

The Beta 1084-180 wire cutter under examination is a high-end tool from the renowned Beta Utensili, available on the web at a price of around 26 euros. Specifically, it is the 1084-180 model with ergonomic bi-injection handle with black orange non-slip.

The tool presumably made of chromium-molybdenum steel has dimensions:

  • Total length 180 mm from which the initials 180
  • Cutting edge length 25 mm
  • 14mm thickness
  • Weight 280 grams
beta cutter 1084-180

The new tool is well finished in metal working and the sharp blades coincide perfectly. The opening fulcrum flows smoothly. It can be handled comfortably with one hand both when opening and closing. If necessary it can be gripped and operated with two hands.

The test of the instrument consists in a repeated cutting of metal wire of a galvanized and plasticized welded iron garden net, a common green net for fences. The metal wire has a diameter of about 1.5 mm.

The 50 meters of net being worked required over 2000 cuts, many of which were performed without the use of work gloves to check the ergonomics of the handle.

cut beta cutter 1084-180

The wire cutter cuts the single wire as if it were butter along the entire length of the blade. Near the opening fulcrum the shear stress is slight and barely perceptible, at the tip it is greater but adequate.

By cutting more than one segment of thread at a time, the effort is more intense and discrete force must be applied but the operation is successful without major problems.

Test Results 2000 Beta Cutters 1084-180

cutter blade beta test 1084-180

The handle initially feels comfortable and safe in the hands, the non-slip does its duty and is well positioned. In the long run, bare hand becomes a little abrasive.

The handle remains in place without twisting or slipping, it is well fixed. On other occasions, the handles of Beta tools with the same characteristics did not always remain correctly positioned on the metal, slipping from their position.

The metal of the cutting edges does its duty and continues to cut with the same efficiency throughout the test. Even after the test, the sharpening shows no indentations or marks and remains sharp.

Weaknesses cutters Beta 1084-180

High price. Ergonomics can be further improved by increasing the contact surface with the hand. A return spring would be useful to automate reopening after cutting.

Beta 1084-180 nipper test conclusions

The nippers compared to those of the first price have no comparison, it works well, it is comfortable to use, well built and also aesthetically pleasing. The price is high but the durability and effectiveness of use are at the same level.

If used frequently, the price is still acceptable in relation to the characteristics.

beta 1084-180


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