Prepare the rooms for the whitening

masks cover to avoid dirtying

Sheets and tape

To whitewash, it is almost always necessary to mask and hide furniture under plastic sheeting so as not to stain or soil.

Even if this operation can be tedious, it allows you to operate with the certainty of not damaging the furniture and not spending a lot of time after the whitening to clean up what would inevitably have been dirty.

To speed up this operation and make the premises for concentrated whitening activities more accessible, the furniture that can not be removed from the room in the center of the room and cover them with a special plastic sheet.

Remember to cover the window frames in the same way and remove the plugs and seal the sockets and switches with paper tape.

Once this is done, place other sheets on the floor and join them to the skirting board so that they can not be moved.

Paper tape: are all the same?:

Be sure to buy a good quality paper tape because sometimes if you use tapes that do not match them they stick to the surfaces or let the paint run through making masking unnecessary.




Whitewash the house


Seal the joints


The wallpaper


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