Skin of the building

the third barrier protection and efficiency

skin building

what is the home for green building

Green building considers the human being the center of the design and construction process of a building.

The protections that divide man from the environment are therefore summarized in three barriers:

  1. The first skin, the real skin of the body, the dermis that protects us from external agents
  2. The second, the one we choose to protect the first, the clothes that must be tolerated by the body must be made of natural materials.
  3. The third, the building, the house that protects us and that as for clothing must be made with biocompatible logics and materials.

The skin, barrier and transpiration

Every skin must allow transpiration, a passage and a targeted exchange.

It is not enough to make complete isolation. Clothes like the house and the dermis must allow the body to breathe so that a healthy balance can be established.


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