Chapters of the brickman's manual

basic notions of brickwork

Construction techniques have changed a lot lately, more than in the past 100 years.

Bricklayer Faidate, what works can we do on our own?

In fact, technology has first put in place a series of modern technical solutions that have supplanted the old construction tradition, but then very recently re-proposed very old solutions and materials , such as lime, cork and wood reinterpreted but in light of the most refined innovations of the contemporary era.

Dozens of types of panels, bricks and insulators have flourished that promise miracles, economic and energy savings, opening the way to the nascent Bioarchitecture , a distant relative of the know-how and experience that brought the man to adopt bio-sustainable and effective solutions without being aware of it.

Construction, renovation and construction

Here, however, we would like to propose in this specific case a synthetic guide for the beginner or the person familiar with the building maintenance and construction works of small portions of housing that can indicate this in small routine maintenance works and enlighten him about the work that must be done by capable brick professionals.


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