History of the dwelling

primary need is the need for living

contemporary house

the needs of living

The house serves as a shelter and primary site of life's activities, in history the needs related to living have assumed different characteristics.

The house has moved from being a refuge from atmospheric conditions and from external dangers to something more and more complex.

Outdoor activities such as cooking have become activities to be carried out in specially designed environments that are increasingly specialized.

The houses have adapted to the lifestyle of its occupants, the transformation from nomads to settlements to permit the creation of more complex structures.

cave house

The first house

Probably the first house was a shelter provided by nature itself.

Caves and plants sheltered from the elements, no comfort, life was hard and the contact with total nature.


Ecological buildings


Unhealthy building syndrome


Solar orientation of buildings and energy saving


Historic housing forms


Excavation foundations and radon


Feng shui

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