Eco-friendly insulation

materials and technologies for insulation

Old materials but new technologies

mineralized fiber panel

Today the producers are looking for eco-compatible materials, and the choice is aimed at the old construction technologies revisited in a contemporary key.

Wood panels are then proposed again, subjected to special treatments that increase their performance, cork panels as insulation and the use of synthetic insulating materials such as polystyrene is not recommended.

Maximum insulation, insulation continuity and maximum breathability

panel floor heating

Solution in a panel

There are many varieties of panels on the market that solve many situations.

Highly breathable and eco-friendly fire resistant both during construction and during disposal.

An example, panels for the construction of floor heating with attached insulating cork.

For every problem a panel, a solution.


New bricks


Thermal transmittance


Wood stoves


Insulating airgel


Ventilated roofs


Cork for green building

Portaombrelli design Luca Perlini

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