Green building

to build respecting the environment and men

Towards a sustainable architecture. Today the efforts and the materials marketed are multiplied, which allow to increase the performances of the new buildings, making them at the same time also more ecological.

Reduce energy consumption and use healthier materials for man and attention to the disposal of products, these are the main themes of Bio Architecture.

concrete structure

Reinforced concrete structures

Relatively economical to build but difficult to dispose of they have the defect of not getting along with humidity and being good thermal conductors.

This feature can make these structures, if not properly insulated, important thermal bridges that disperse a lot of heat.

The duration of these structures depends on the quality of their construction and maintenance.

Some say that metal cages made from concrete bars would also modify natural magnetic fields, bringing unwanted effects on the organism.

Reinforced concrete: qualities and defects

Reinforced concrete (better to call it reinforced concrete or Csl) has great advantages in the construction phase but often the materials with which it is packaged may contain substances not exactly ideal for man's proximity, it may contain waste from industrial slag filters radioactive and polymeric additives that facilitate workability.


Cork for green building


Thermal break windows


Ventilated roofs


Thermal transmittance


New bricks


Heating stoves

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