Indispensable equipment for mason

the craft irons

In preparing to carry out small masonry works, various specific tools of the mason's activity will be needed, some generic ones such as buckets and flexible meters, others more specific, such as bubble trowel or plumb line.

But let's see schematically what is needed.

rolling shutter

Flexible meter

there are different types on the market of 2 or 5 meters, in particular I point out those models in which the width of the metal strip is greater (2.5 cm) because they have the advantage of being able to remain extended without flexing for a greater distance simplifying measurement operations.

bindella metric wheel

Rib ribbon metric

normally the most widespread have a range of 20 meters but they exist with a greater range.

The tape can be of different materials but if it is larger than 20 meters I suggest using models with metal tape.

bubble level

Levels and bubbles

there are bubbles and levels of different types, I always recommend treating the instruments for what they are, that is delicate measuring instruments and therefore to treat them with care without using them inappropriately, on pain of maltreatment can be inaccurate measurements.

dista leica

Laser distance meter

for the most demanding in terms of measurement, there is a laser distance meter that can detect measurements up to 200 meters with great accuracy by simply pressing a button. Avoid ultrasonic models because they are not very accurate.



there are specific models for the building industry that are usually more robust. They can also be used to mix binder aggregate and water and prepare small amounts of mortar.

mason chisel


there are sharp or flat points. The best ones are those with the rubber protection on the handle that avoids getting hurt if the hammer (hammer) slips when it hits.



they have different dimensions depending on the work to be done, avoid leaving them in water if they are not made of stainless steel, otherwise they will no longer be usable because the rust stains

Trowel and trowels

they are used to handle, knead and finish the mortar

Plumb line

It is a wire with a weight at one end, we will use it as an indicator for vertical.

A very important reference for the construction of walls.

Twine and pinstripe twine to trace

We will use it to keep a line to follow, there is a variant full of colored chalk that "beat" pinching allows you to draw a straight line on many surfaces.


In the event that more mortar or concrete is mixed, it will be necessary to purchase or rent the one suitable for the need

Paint brush and roller for painting

the most varied shapes are on the market according to tastes and uses. The brush called plafoncino is often confused (width 16-18 cm and thickness 3-6 cm) often equipped with a metal hook to hang it on the bucket for the flat brush (width 3-10 cm and thickness 1-1.5 cm).

For both rollers and brushes it's a good thing to choose good quality and take care of them, cleaning them well after each use to get the best results


useful for moving the earth


is used to mix small amounts of mortar or to move earth and aggregates


to move materials and useful base for mixing modest quantities of mortar

Hammer or bribe

better if with plastic handle


to smooth or support mortar and plaster

tile cutter

Cut tiles

Tool for cutting tiles if there are trimmings to be filled.

Notched trowel

to pull the glue from the tiles so that no air bubbles are created

Electric drill

the percussion function is essential and a power of at least 600w


Plaster mortar


Hydraulic lime


Water for mortar


Hydrated lime mortar


Cocciopesto and Pozzolana



Portaombrelli design Luca Perlini


Portaombrelli design Luca Perlini

Attaccapanni equilibrio design Luca Perlini


Attaccapanni equilibrio design Luca Perlini

Letto baldacchino design Luca Perlini


Letto baldacchino design Luca Perlini

Tavolo cave design Luca Perlini


Tavolo cave design Luca Perlini

Attaccapanni Bitta set design Luca Perlini


Attaccapanni Bitta design Luca Perlini

Attaccapanni Bitta set design Luca Perlini


Poltrona Ozio design Luca Perlini

Portaombrelli design Luca Perlini

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