Building the perimeter walls

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Tradition and innovation

Much of the heat generated by our heating systems is lost in winter through the perimeter walls of our homes.

In fact, due to insufficient insulations, we often waste a lot of money and that is why we need to avoid thermal bridges.

Normally, once the supporting structure of a building has been properly built and insulated, the perimeter walls must be built to protect the rooms from heat and cold.

In the past, very thick walls were built because today the walls have become thinner and for this reason correct isolation is important.

The insulation depends on the thickness and the conductance properties of the material used.

The most used for this use are rock wool and polystyrene.

The perimeter walls are often made up of an external perforated brick wall, a cavity within which the insulators are arranged and an internal wall made of perforated bricks.

thermal bridge

Thermal bridge

If the insulation is interrupted losing the continuity of the envelope, a thermal bridge is created.

This allows heat to pass and makes insulation less efficient.


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Thermal coat

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