Plastering masonry

how a wall is plastered

strips and witnesses

First you need to prepare the bands.

The bands serve as a reference and support of the stagge and must be smooth and plumb.

On them he will support the floor and remove the excess material, in order to have a single plan at the end.


To make them you need to make two references for each, one at the top and one at the bottom. The plumb line is placed on it and it is checked that they are perfectly vertical.

plaster wall

If they were not, you add or remove material from one of the two.

Keep in mind that the thickness of the finished plaster must be 1-2 cm.

Once plumbed, the same work is carried out on the opposite side, calculating the distance between the strips equal to the total length of the peg, minus 30 cm approx.

At the end we have four points of support as you can see in the picture.

plaster witnesses

Once the reference bearings are ready we make the two perfectly smooth tracks, once the solid guides will be used to smooth the plaster with a straight edge.

plaster wall

In this way we remove the excess plaster and make the wall perfectly flat.

plaster layers


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