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Building the chimney

conveyance of fumes outside the building


The chimney has the task of expelling the fumes produced by heating systems, especially wood-burning ones, outside the environment through a good draft that depends on the efficiency and size of the same.

The chimney should be circular to have an excellent draft but as tradition there are square or rectangular flues, which cause the slowing of the smoke outlet.


To build a chimney you must have:

  • refractory materials;
  • materials resistant to high temperatures
  • materials that are impermeable to gases.

The chimney must:

  • to be self-supporting;
  • have an autonomous structure;       
  • have a height that exceeds the ridge of the building;       
  • do not have bottlenecks;       
  • not having elbows;       
  • do not have section variation;       
  • not be communicating with other flues.


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