Stone walls

stone walls

masonry stone

The stone walls are today a rarity and a luxury when we consider that they constitute only a small part of the overall building.

But often it happened in the presence of the material on the territory, that the stones vanissero incorporated to create walls perhaps alternating with bricks.

Large stones of river or from neighboring fields were used as building material and are therefore still visible today in many buildings.

The main characteristic of stone, but not all types of stone, is a good durability and resistance to atmospheric agents.

It does not guarantee a good thermal insulation, and in the presence of water it can create problems of humidity in the rooms because it tends to impregnate them.

Often the perimeter walls of restored stone buildings are doubled internally with insulation and bricks to improve thermal performance.

Historically, it has been widely used in buildings of a certain value of marble, granite and limestone due to their characteristics of strength and durability.

Egyptian obelisk

According to different ancient and prehistoric cultures, the rocks were able to convey natural energy.

An example is the Egyptian obelisks made of a single block of stone (often granite) or prehistoric dolmens.


Clay and furnaces


Cooked clay


Bricks in raw earth


The walls of green building


Natural insulating materials

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