Innovative materials

bet on the future of the result

Inghisaggi realized with innovative materials, hi-tech fibers to reinforce concrete, new materials that promise wonders, technical performances never reached.

The frontier of the possible seems to be closer and closer to the most daring dreams of Architects and Engineers of all time. From the use of reinforced concrete for civil use, progress and research into materials seems unstoppable.

Products are multiplied and it is often difficult for professionals to choose the right material for certain jobs.

The experience guides the technical choices, but the guarantee of durability is often not guaranteed.

From the development to the commercialization of a new product do not spend sufficiently long testing time to be able to give guarantees on the lifespan of a building that can survive for hundreds and hundreds of years.

Maintenance can therefore create unexpected costs and in extreme cases, very serious technical problems.

The only guarantee is given by the techniques consolidated over time.

Betting on new materials does not always pay

What "experience teaches" and not just a way of saying and sometimes betting on new materials with less guarantees than playing on a casino.

Materials that have stood the test of time and building techniques of the past can only be the guide for new achievements.




Hydrated lime


The bastard mortar




Plaster mortar

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