Wood restoration

attack of fungi and insects on beams and wooden structures, how to intervene

wood beams

Roof beams and all other timber structures are subject to environmental conditions.

In some cases their degradation can; to be such as to make unrewarding a recovery and & eacute; therefore it is advisable to proceed with the replacement.

In cases where it is still possible to intervene, it is necessary to understand what are the causes of the degradation:

  • Environmental humidity or contact with water
  • Presence of xylophagous insects (eg termites)
  • Presence of mushrooms that degrade wood

Depending on the causes of the degradation, the type of intervention will change.

  • The cause of the humidity will be verified and resolved.
  • In the case of insects we will proceed with a treatment with insecticides taking care to eliminate nests or other external agents that have allowed the proliferation of insects (eg an infested and untreated furniture).
  • In the case of the mushrooms we will apply a fungicide that eliminates the fungi but above all the spores that allow its proliferation.

Attentions and cautions

In the case of application of products it is necessary to take the normal hygienic precautions, work with the necessary protections in an airy environment.

Insecticides and fungicides are dangerous products for human health that must be used with criteria. Follow the instructions for use carefully.


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