Wood stoves

in steatite or in terracotta

soapstone stove soapstone

The alternative to brick stoves are steatite (soapstone) stoves that have 8-10 times the heat storage capacity and are fed with wood with visible flame.


The Steatite

Steatite, also known by the names of soapstone, Briançon plaster and soapstone, is a metamorphic rock similar to jade, although with a more dusty appearance.

terracotta stove

If the economic conditions do not allow us the Kachelofen (brick stove) or a large stove in steatite we can choose a beautiful stove in terracotta or a wood stove with cast iron stove.

Once upon a time

Traditional cheap wood-burning kitchens allowed us to cook food on the plate, heat, warmer, dries clothes, produce hot water and produce ash to be used in the garden as a fertilizer.


Cork for green building


Eco-friendly insulation


Thermal break windows


New bricks


Insulating airgel


Thermal transmittance

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