Unhealthy building syndrome

pollutants and watertight rooms drafts sometimes help

sick building syndrome

sick building syndrome

Domestic pollution is a source of major disturbances due to the materials used in the construction of modern buildings. In fact, 40% of the materials used can create problems.

The unhealthy building syndrome was reported for the first time in 1983 by the World Health Organization and refers to all disorders and diseases caused by living conditions.

One should not think, however, refer to old and dilapidated old houses but to modern houses where insulating varnishes and materials not compatible with man are used.

In fact, the exhalations produced by insulators and solvents contained in paints and furniture can cause serious damage to health. The insufficient ventilation of the premises and the creation of smoke by candles and cigarettes can aggravate the problem.


The effects are often underestimated and little studied, moreover, the very high number of substances present could create reactions between them and make the environment even more at risk.

Watertight rooms

If the rooms are completely insulated from the outside, the problems get worse. Modern windows and doors create efficient closures that limit drafts.

While this is important for energy saving, on the other hand pollutants can be more easily concentrated in the rooms.


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