Heating in homes, is it healthy?

different types of heating today

heating and thermal comfort

In our time we can search for heating systems: fireplaces, stoves, radiant plates, underfloor heating and tiled stoves.

This allows us to perceive a pleasant warmth in homes and offices.

But it was not like that once!

Our ancestors did not have the house totally heated: only the kitchen and the living room.

Today we are the opposite: homes are overheated and this can create many health problems.

  • Fireplaces
  • Coal stoves
  • Majolica stoves
  • heaters
  • Radiators
  • Floor heating
  • Radiant plates

It is however possible to use more rational and healthy heating systems by designing in order to use solar radiation and designing thermal insulation.


Reward gain isolated


The hearth and seasoned wood


Heating direct gain


Passive solar heating


Masonry stoves


Three types of leaning fireplaces

Portaombrelli design Luca Perlini

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