The wallpaper

paper the walls and instructions


Wallpaper, glue for upholstery, skirting and borders.


Brush and roller, scissors and cutter, brush, plumb line, tape measure, upholstery table


Patience and care

To upholster a room you need to arm yourself with patience and try to be precise in execution.

Work is not particularly difficult but without these conditions you can get poor results.

  1. We need to cut the sheets for a length equal to that from the ceiling to the floor plus 10 cm.
  2. Draw a vertical reference line using the plumb line.
  3. Lay the sheet on a plane and apply the glue, wait a few minutes so that the paper is spread and apply it following the reference line.
  4. It is important to leave a strip of 5 cm untreated with glue both on top and bottom, and then roll out the second sheet.
  5. It is important that the second sheet overlaps the first one for 1-2 cm.
  6. Pass the roll along the overlay to facilitate gluing.
  7. With an upholstery brush, the air bubbles formed between the paper and the wall are eliminated.
  8. At an edge it is good to cut the sheet a few cm after.
  9. Precisely eliminate the abundances with a sharp cutter and reposition the electrical controls.


Paint the ceiling


Beta 1084-180 nippers review


Whitewash the house


Dye local corners




Prepare the rooms for the whitening

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