Clay and furnaces

production of rectified bricks

rectified bricks masonry

The first phase for the production of bricks takes place in the quarry where the right clays for this type of production are found.

The various types of clays are mixed in the proportions necessary for the type of brick to be produced.

The clay then undergoes a first shattering and is deposited so as to dry uniformly for about 14 days. Subsequently the clay is loaded into the production plant and mixed further.

Grinding at this point leads to a grain size of 0.8 mm. The ready clay is then loaded into silos that feed the molding machine, which through the pressure and the water vapor makes the clay malleable and pushes it through the mold.

An infinite cord is created that is cut to create the actual bricks. The bricks are then left to dry and then fired for cooking.

The brick is cooked and cooled here and then subjected to grinding by means of sanders. The faces in this way will be perfectly flat.

The brick is unloaded and packaged for shipping


Cooked clay


The walls of green building


Natural insulating materials


Stone walls


Bricks in raw earth

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