Ecological buildings

basic rules of bioediliza

some basic points

The structure of a building will have to adapt to the needs of its inhabitants to be properly designed. Let's see some basic points:

  • Land, building site far from geological perturbations, industrial centers and traffic
  • Green areas should be included in the dwellings
  • The house must favor the formation of a community
  • The walls must be vapor permeable, favoring breathability and hygroscopic materials
  • There must be thermal equilibrium, between accumulation, insulation and damping
  • Internal and surface temperatures must be adequate
  • There must be no toxic emanations and the materials used must not be radioactive (eg wood contaminated forests, some types of naturally radioactive stone)
  • The building must harmonize with the landscape and the social environment.
venice plasters

Ancient materials

Often the materials and their implementation were in the past closer to the ideas of green building, compared to today's cases.

Think of the Roman walls and the plasters of the Venetian palaces.


Green building principles


Solar orientation of buildings and energy saving


Prehistoric dwellings


Differentiated thermal environments


Feng shui


Excavation foundations and radon

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