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the choice of place

The choice of the place is as fundamental as that of how to build. You should start from this to understand how to build respecting the characteristics of the place.

The characteristics of the place are understood not only for the existing buildings but also for the nature of the land, the sun exposure and the drafts.

 building land

The characteristics of the terrain, in particular, the presence of persistent moisture aquifers and the magnetic influences and radioactivity of certain lands.

All this and more must enter the project so that we can talk about bio building, that is, building in harmony with nature and with human needs.

The ancients with their empirical methods strongly considered these characteristics, also in China and Tibet the feng shui and in Japan the ka-sò, help to identify situations favorable to the construction of healthy buildings.


Excavation foundations and radon

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Green building in Italy


Prehistoric dwellings


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Ecological buildings

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