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Throughout history, roofs have been realized in the most varied ways.

The first function is certainly to protect indoor environments from rainwater and sunlight.

At the same time the roof will have to insulate the internal environments thermally efficiently.

Its structure is often configured in layers that follow the progress of the building below. The roof is crossed by a series of technological systems, from the ever-present chimneys and ventilation pipes, to the latest solar systems (photovoltaic and thermal).

In addition to pitched roofs there are also flat roofs, which can be walked on and paved and equipped for permanence.

Often ensuring waterproofing and insulation is a challenging challenge.

Let's look at some parts that characterize a roof and its definition:

  • Sloping roof, roof with inclined sections
  • Top of the roof, connects the pitch and is the highest part of the roof
  • Flat roof, horizontal roof can be walked on or not
  • Solar pavement, flooring resting on the roof to create a terrace or to make the roof walkable
  • Flashing, metal sheet that protects against infiltration and conveys water
  • Gutter, horizontally fixed folded sheet that collects rainwater from the roof
  • Rainwater, vertical pipe that conveys water to the ground, can be visible on the façade or be internal
  • Velux, trade name for roof window frames
  • Dormer, vertical window created between the pitches of the roof
  • ventilated roof, roof that allows air circulation inside its structure to cool it in summer
life line

The life line, roof accessibility and safety

Rooftop maintenance and inspection are two important activities to ensure roof operation and durability.

To perform these operations safely it is better to install the lifeline.

This is a system of fastenings and ropes that allow you to attach the carabiners of the safety harness ropes.

In this way we do not run unnecessary risks to control the roof or clean a gutter.


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