Tree cutting period

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cut lumber trees

The best period for the felling of a tree whose lumber is destined to the realization of houses & eacute; the period when the plant is in dormant state.

This condition coincides with the period between October and February.

Traditionally the plants were cut only during this period and with the foresight to wait for the waning moon.

cutting trunk boards

This precaution creates a less favorable environment for pest aggression and the development of fungi.

The tradition then required a good seasoning until the following spring to guarantee an optimal condition of the wood.

tree trunk parts

It is also important to consider which part of the trunk the wood comes from.

The beams made with the central part of the trunk (heartwood) are preferable to those obtained from peripheral areas (sapwood) since the heartwood is made up of dead cells without any nourishment that allow a more compact and resistant wood.


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