Dye local corners

we whitewash starting from the edges

Bucket and plafoncino

After masking over every surface that should not be soiled, it is important to use a large brush (plafoncino) and start applying the color starting from the corners of the room.

Here it is difficult to paint with the roller and this first phase will serve as a support and then continue the operations of whitening with the roller that allows you to cover large surfaces with less time.

After bringing the desired color to the corners we can arm ourselves with a roller and extension and start as it is a good rule from above, that is from the ceiling.

Costly paints or first price?:

The paints on the market are not all the same often the cheaper ones do not have a great covering capacity, this means that to obtain the same result as white, for example, more coats of paint will be needed.

So we have to evaluate the costs of time and greater effort compared to the expenses incurred.


The wallpaper


Paint the ceiling


Breathable and washable paints


Brush maintenance


Paint peeling


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