Thermal bridges

insulation heat leaks

thermal bridges

Thermal bridges in a building can arise at the roof, floors and window frames. For this reason, during the construction / renovation of a building we should pay attention to the following factors:

  1. the roof must be designed to protect the building from rainwater but also from solar radiation.
  2. the compartments for the installation of doors and windows are properly made and attention is given during the laying phase to maintain the continuity of the insulation.
  3. the concrete structures projecting the perimeter walls are insulated and possibly thermally disconnected from the internal structures.
  4. thermal bridge thermography
  5. the edges of the floors and pillars facing the building are properly insulated
  6. polyurethane foams or other insulators are used when the windows are laid.
  7. the windows are "thermal break", ie the external surfaces are thermally separated from the internal ones if they are made of materials that are not very insulating by their very nature, for example, the aluminum frames.

Building orientation and comfort

Significant is the importance of using solar energy to reduce costs and improve living comfort. Proper orientation of the premises and protection from the summer sun make the house more livable.


The hearth and seasoned wood


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Masonry stoves


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Reward gain isolated


The fireplace in the center

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