telluric rays and influences on psychophysical wellbeing

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the influences of the place on psychophysical well-being

The place chosen to construct a building can be chosen according to the dictates of geobiology, this science studies the influence of terrestrial, solar and cosmic magnetic perturbations on life.

In fact, it is believed that the Earth's magnetic core creates an electromagnetic field that influences the solar winds on the forms of life as well.

The first astronauts in fact are said to suffer from illness due to the lack of this magnetic influence. Subsequently, special devices were made to simulate this earthly force.

Ancient civilizations empirically verified the wholesomeness of a chosen place to build a house or a city. In the East it is still done through the dictates of Chinese feng shui and Japanese ka-sò.

The goal is to find a balance between the earth, a place and the life of man.

Hartmann's lattice

Ernst Hartmann, a physician at the University of Heidelberg, hypothesizes the existence of a magnetic lattice around the earth and that this may have an influence on the cellular life of organisms.


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