Laying of the floors

how to lay a flooring

seal leaks

Flatness and escapes

First of all, it is necessary to ensure that you work on a surface that is as flat as possible and clean.

Then starting from a wall we start laying the floor by applying the appropriate glue with a notched trowel.

We will try to keep the pose regular by helping us with the appropriate plastic brackets to maintain the correct spacing of the joints.

glue tile

Once the tiles are laid, we will seal the joints with the cement of the chosen color, there are many on the market, helping us with a damp sponge.

colored grouts

Colored grouts

The color of the grout of the tiles can always be combined with that of the covering. Breakouts in a wide variety of colors are available on the market.


Drill the tiles


Weld metal profiles


The walls


Repair a wall edge


Replace a tile


Building the chimney

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