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discontinuous coverage systems

roof tiles

The brick tile or other materials through the overlap creates discontinuous roofs for pitched roofs.

The slope should not be less than 30/35% to avoid infiltration.

There are various types of shingles:

  • Portuguese tiles Portuguese tiles, have a flat part and a curved part. Price € 0.70 / each.
  • florentine tiles coppo Florentine tiles called coppo, only have a curved part. Price € 0.60 / each
  • Roman tile roof Roman roof or tile, it is flat with two raised edges, it is used coupled with tile roof tiles. Price € 0.75 / each.
  • canadian tiles Canadian shingles, these are thin sheets made from bitumen and often protected by slate sand. Price around € 10 per square meter.
  • larch wood shingles Wooden shingles, thin wooden planks, are superimposed on staggered courses. The bigger they are, the more precious they are. Larch shingle price 30x10cm 0.85 € / each.
  • chianche pietra Chianche, Chiancarelle, Piura in flint stone, slate, beola and jelly. The stone worked by exploiting the stratification of the stone forms the slats.

Laying of Tegole e Coppi

Some precautions for a correct laying of the roofs.

slope Laying tiles Tile overlay Laying tiles
> 60% Integral fixing 7 cm Necessary fastening
45-60% Fixing the eaves and 2 roof tiles every 5 in the rest of the roof Tile overlay Necessary fastening
35-45% No fixation 7 cm Appropriate fixation
30-35% No fixation 9 cm Appropriate fixation




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