The walls of green building

characteristics of a masonry

Masonry made in green building must meet specific criteria:

  • Must be made of natural materials
  • Materials must have the lowest possible environmental impact
  • The materials used must not be polluted / contaminated or have undergone chemical alterations
  • They should guarantee the perspiration of the rooms and the regulation of the internal humidity
  • They should guarantee the permeability to natural radiation and electromagnetic fields
  • They should have good sound-absorbing power
  • They must not give off harmful substances or dust

Various techniques and materials have been developed for the construction of masonry that incorporates ancient processes with a modern twist:

An example of this practice is the construction of bricks with raw bricks using the Adobe technique (earth and straw) or the Pisè technique (beaten earth).


Natural insulating materials


Clay and furnaces


Bricks in raw earth


Cooked clay


Stone walls

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