Flooring floors, floating parquet

tiles, wood, linoleum and carpet

stoneware floor

It is possible to finish floors with various materials such as wood, tiles or tiles, linoelum, resin and carpet.

The latter is produced using wool, cotton but is often made of synthetic materials considered harmful. Therefore, in this last type, it is not recommended.

In recent years, however, conventional architecture has tended to use it mainly due to an hygienic problem deriving from the accumulation of powders in it

interlocking parquet

Floating parquet

Floating parquet flooring, they are very quick to lay. In fact there are models of planks that do not require gluing, because they are equipped with a click system.

It is not advisable to place the parquet in damp environments such as bathrooms, kitchens or basements because the elongation of the material due to the hygroscopicity of the wood can cause swelling.

Do not save on the mat under the floating floor. Guarantees floor life. There are many types depending on the laying floor conditions. Insulating, silencing, etc. ..


Floor floor


Tiles, stoneware and natural terracotta tiles


True Linoleum and vinyl flooring


Ground floor floor

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