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wood beams

Prevention is better than cure, even for the laying of wood this rule is absolutely valid.

To make sure you do not have problems, you have to evaluate the type of wood to be used for each application

When laying a roof beam, for example, it will be important to take care to protect it from direct rain and possibly from the sun.

If a ceiling beam is laid, its internal moisture must be assessed and its surface must not remain in contact with non-hygroscopic materials.

Wood is a "living" material that has to "breathe" and must be kept dry to guarantee a long life.

If we have to build a beam, certain types of wood will be good, but it is clear that for the furnishings, the parquet, the windows, the required performances and the environmental conditions to which they are subjected allow to use other essences.

Prevent attacks, protective products

Products that offer protection against wood (fungicides, insecticides) can be of five different types:

  • Water-soluble salts
  • Natural oils
  • Organic solutions
  • Idrosol
  • Synthetic products


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