The roof structure

types and the wooden truss

Roof structure

The structures that support the roofs of buildings are made with the most diverse materials and techniques. Let's see the most common together.

barrel vault in stone

The materials:

  • Wood and laminated wood
  • CLS reinforced concrete
  • Steel
  • Stone (eg trulli) and bricks


  • Ordinance of wooden beams and / or lamellar wood
  • Slabs joists and cast-in-place castings
  • Prefabricated elements
  • Beams and steel structures
  • Brick or stone vaults

The truss

A traditional form of roof construction is that of using trusses. The beams placed in this way allow you to cover a greater light (distance) to the roof without using intermediate support points.

Even long truss structures are installed today, in these cases lamellar wood is used.

The parts that make up a truss have specific names, each one covering a specific function.

Wooden roof truss
  1. Chain, stretched section, sometimes can be made with metal pulls
  2. Monaco, vertical element on which the roof ridge rests
  3. Lightning, stiffen the truss structure
  4. Strut, inclined beam on which purlins are fixed.
  5. Arcarecci, joists joining the trusses
  6. Panel or Beads, creates the base of support for the cover package above.


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