Thermal break windows

acoustic and thermal insulation for saving and comfort

thermal break frame

Energy saving and better comfort

The windows called thermal break are windows built with a profile that allows you to limit the thermal bridges between the building's exterior and interior.

In the case of aluminum frames, the profiles are made with the interposition of plastic parts that reduce thermal transmittance.

Furthermore, the glass applied to these windows are called double-glazed because they consist of glass sheets with interposed panels an inner tube that can also be doubled in the higher performance models.

double glazed windows

Soundproofing glass to reduce external noise

To reduce the noise coming from outside, the double-glazing units can be made of sheets of glass of different thicknesses so as to "resonate" with the sound waves and limit their propagation.

They are built with two or three sheets with different thicknesses in this way combines thermal insulation and acoustic insulation.


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