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wood in the construction of buildings

wood roof

Wood is certainly one of the first materials used by man to build buildings and is still very much appreciated for its characteristics.

Furthermore, it should not be forgotten that it is a material that is totally compatible with the environment and totally biodegradable.

Among its main characteristics we must remember:

  • It is a resistant and elastic motorcycle material that can be used to create structural parts of the building (floors, beams, pillars, etc.)
  • It is light, in relation to its resistance
  • It is hygroscopic, so it can help to regulate the environmental humidity
  • It has an excellent duration in time as long as it is kept in an ideal environment
  • It is a good thermal, acoustic and electrical insulated

In fact, it has some flaws that can be eliminated.


  • The wood is in fact to be kept dry to preserve it from the rotting and from the attack of insects and fungus.


  • It is flammable even if it keeps its mechanical properties long enough even in the presence of flames.

    The wood degrades to a temperature of about 200 °C but thanks to its insulating capacity and the carbonized residues that protect the surface it often loses its mechanical properties in a longer time than some reinforced concrete joists.


Wood derivatives

Starting from the waste shavings of timber processing, a whole series of derivatives are created, from insulators to panels, to coatings.

These materials, however, contain other substances that are not always biocompatible on which we must monitor.


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