The modern fireplaces

how we use the fireplace today

modern fireplace

The chimney proved to be the worst heating system in the course of time, as the thermal efficiency is between 20°C and 30°C.

Only thanks to the application of cast iron and steel inserts and to the installation of ducts and valves can it still be used for thermal purposes.

Its function today is above all to rise as the center of the house, symbol of warmth, tranquility and serenity, sometimes the fireplace becomes a precious piece of furniture or an integrator of the modern heating system.

pellet fireplace

Modern fireplaces as well as some stoves can in fact be connected to radiant heating systems (radiators) and contribute or replace traditional gas boilers.

Some models, on the other hand, heat the rooms by air ducts that branch off into the surrounding areas. Electronics does its part and so they also become programmable.

These chimneys are not open flame, as they are no longer allowed, for safety reasons. Their functioning tends therefore to resemble that of the stoves.

fireplace insert

There are models powered by wood pellets. This makes them able to self-power, turn on and off according to the set program.

Fireplaces can be easily integrated into any domestic style thanks to the fronts available or made to measure.

In some cases, the new chimneys are recessed (insert fireplaces) inside the old chimneys, which in this way can be functional and acquire all the advantages of modern technology.


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