The first chimneys leaning against the wall

north european wall chimneys

monumental fireplace

Around the middle of the thirteenth century, in Northern Europe, the fireplace was placed on the wall while the central hearth was used for cooking food and using embers.

The embers placed in a special "basin", brought in the rooms a little 'heat, much risk of suffocation and placed in the scaldaletto were placed under the covers supported by a tripod.

stone fireplace

Afterwards the wall chimney spread throughout Europe, especially in the noble palaces and in the homes of the rich.

gothic fireplace

The wall-to-wall design made them available in any room where they maintained simple shapes up to the middle of the fifteenth century: only in some countries, under the influence of gothic art, they appeared majestic and very elaborate.


Fireplace evolution


The modern fireplaces


Fireplace decline


Passive solar heating


The fireplace in the center


The hearth and seasoned wood

Portaombrelli design Luca Perlini

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