Types of paint

for each support the right paint

natural paints

Lime and natural resins based paints appear to be able not only to protect masonry surfaces adequately, but to ensure a good microclimate to the environment by solving the problem of potentially toxic gaseous emanations.

Breathable and non-toxic

Paints must be as breathable as possible, ie they must not create a vapor barrier and must not release toxic substances or potentially harmful dust into the rooms.

The advantage of "synthetic" paints is their washability and water repellency, they are suitable for interiors and exteriors but limit the transpiration of walls.

The bio-ecology architecture therefore recommends lime based paints or natural resins because they do not restrict perspiration and do not emit hazardous substances for health


Paints based on lime and natural resins

These paints provide good coverage, excellent breathability and fungicidal action.

They are suitable for many substrates except on walls previously treated with oil paints or plastered plaster walls, metal or wood or glass surfaces.


Prepare the rooms for the whitening


Paint peeling




Dye local corners


Natural paintings


Breathable and washable paints

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