Thermohygrometric wellbeing

when the heating is comfortable

Any heating system is an instrument for regulating the climate inside a building. It maintains an adequate level of thermal comfort called thermohygrometric wellbeing considering the subjective variables of individuals.

thermohygrometric wellbeing

The heating of the premises does not have the task of conducting thermal radiation to the human being, in fact the body gives heat to the environment with convective heat exchanges, through irradiation and latent heat through respiration and skin transpiration.

If a human being, in good health, gives more heat to his ability to thermoregulate himself, based on his metabolic value depending on the activity he is performing and the thermal resistance of his clothing, he will feel a sensation of cold.

In fact, through the superficial capillary circulation a healthy organism maintains its temperature almost constant. The thermoregulatory center located in the brain and called the hypothalamus receives information from the thermal regulators placed in the brain and in other parts of the body distributed on the skin. The thermoregulators determine the feeling of cold and / or heat promoting a series of behaviors such as changing clothing and / or moving in warmer environments.




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