Travel with the cat

The cat does not like to travel

It is well known that the cat does not like to travel, however if it becomes accustomed as a child, it will no longer feel any fear or fear of the noises and sometimes the sudden movements to which it is subject during a transport of any kind.

useful comforts: useful items for traveling

pet carrier indispensable, in fact the cat undergoing sudden movements and frightened as a result, would tend to hide in the most remote corners of the car, such as the space under the pedals, with very unpleasant consequences. cat safety from the kennel

water and food the animal must be fed before the trip, with a low dose of food, in fact, subjected to travel stress, it will tend not to eat much.

absorbent sleeper most likely due to stress the cat will retain all its needs for more than 24 hours, however it is advisable to use a sleeper to be placed in the carrier to prevent unpleasant surprises.

protection for him and our safety it is advisable not to let the cat out of the carrier during the journey and even less during stops in the service areas, in fact it could run away frightened by external noises.


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