The sense of touch in cats

favorite way for night hunting

Little used by humans who prefer sight, touch, in cats, it is essential, especially in the hours of darkness, when this animal uses it for travel and therefore for hunting.

whiskers cat

the eyebrows and mustache

Numerous receptors are located throughout its body (tactile, painful, pressure, ...), while humans mostly use their hands, the cat uses their front legs and any small pressures with their nose to "feel" objects.

The very long eyebrows and whiskers (the so-called "cat's whiskers") are therefore important, that is, long and stiff hairs, very sensitive to pressure. These are able to perceive, measure and transmit even the smallest vibrations of the air in the environment to the brain.

cats suffer more than humans

The pain threshold in these elegant animals is presumed to be higher than that of humans.


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