Defects for the regulations

what does not allow to participate in competitions

obese cats are not admitted to competitions

Some defects do not allow entry to competitions

  • fur too long and woolly

  • body too stocky or too slim

  • break in the nose line

  • excessive resemblance to the British or American shorthair

defects that give penalties

  • long and narrow muzzle

  • nose too long

  • hanging cheeks

  • pointy or too big ears

  • sunken or too small eyes

  • pipilles surrounded by a ring of a different color

  • legs too developed, hair of uneven thickness

Aesthetic ... non-affective defects

A cat can give a lot in terms of affection, the defects reported in the exhibits do not make a cat a less noble companion.

Remember that ... it's not the nobleman's name but his heart.


The feline varieties


The FIFé standard

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