Cat prophylaxis

Prevention is better than cure

some vaccines can only be administered by the vet

in general

They are the only weapons we have to protect our little friends from infections and infestations they are particularly prone to. Some can be administered by the owner, others only by the vet.


The trivalent vaccination against viral rhinotracheitis, calicivirosis and panleukopenia is carried out by the veterinarian to the cats living in the house.

The reason cats need to be vaccinated while staying indoors is because their owners can infect them. The feline leukemia vaccine is recommended for cats that leave the home or visit catteries.

The first vaccinations should be performed between the eighth and tenth week of life for two reasons: the first is because, before this period, the puppies are protected by the antibodies of the mother, secondly, the inoculated vaccines would be nullified by the same antibodies. As far as the rabies vaccination is concerned, it is mandatory only in some regions of Italy, if the cat has to participate in feline exhibitions and abroad.

pesticide, against fleas and ticks

cats must be vaccinated from an early age

Excellent products are now used which guarantee maximum efficacy and excellent tolerability at the same time.

Products found in the form of ampoules or test tubes, the liquid must be applied directly to the skin. Thanks to the continuous movement of the cat, the liquid will soon cover the whole body.

Another great advantage of these products is that they make parasites sterile so that they do not disperse and reproduce in the environment.

pulmonary cardiofilariosis

has two phases:

1. specific test, performed by the veterinarian.

2. monthly oral administration, from May to December.


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