Feed the kittens

artificial feeding of puppies

infant formula can be fed with a bottle

if the mother is not there or does not have enough milk

When the mother has no milk or when dealing with orphaned kittens it is possible to adopt artificial feeding. In order to survive, however, it is appropriate that the little ones have received nourishment from the mother in the first days of life, so as to possess the necessary antibodies.

As a first aid, cow's milk (diluted 50% with water, with the addition of two or three teaspoons of egg yolk) can be administered, using a syringe without a needle. As soon as possible, however, it is necessary to use artificial milk available in pharmacies or specialized centers.

infant formula can be administered with a syringe without needle

the administration

Milk should be given lukewarm (about 38 ° C), at short intervals (2 or 3 hours) for the first few periods, then with longer breaks (even 5 or 6 hours).

However, the appropriate dosages and timing of administration are found on the packages. Especially when you are dealing with a very small subject you must not keep him supine, you must also avoid soliciting the sucking, in fact it can easily cause suffocation or "ab ingestis" pneumonia, you risk drowning the kitten with milk.

if the mother is completely absent

In this case it is advisable to massage the cat's tummy to help digestion, and it is also advisable to pass a damp cotton swab in the anal area to help the expulsion of feces (which is usually stimulated by the mother through licking).


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