American shorthair

the pioneer cat

This breed derives from the European and the British, in fact it was born in 1600 when the first pioneers began to cross the ocean. However, when it was recorded in 1900 it had completely different characteristics from the other two.

american shorthair cat


coat short, thick and harder than that of the European, almost all colors and shapes are allowed

build medium to large, with strong and powerful legs, the thick tail is not very long and has a slightly rounded tip

head large, heart-shaped, large eyes with almond cut on the outer edge


  • American short-haired exotic is derived from the cross with the Persian, the hair is therefore softer

  • American wirehaired appeared as a mutation in a New York litter, the coat, even harder than that of the Fox Terrier, formed short and thick curls on the head and ears ; longer legs and smaller head


British shorthair cat


Chartreux cat breed


Manx or Isle of Man cat


Scottish fold cat

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