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In each hair follicle there are from 2 to 5 hairs called primary and others, thinner, called secondary. All the hairs together form the coat, which is essential for the thermoregulation of the feline.

the genes are responsible for the different colors of the hair

the hair

Each hair is made up of three structures: the innermost, called medulla, the intermediate, called cortical and the most superficial, called cuticle. The color of the hair is given by the reflection of light with pigment granules: melanin, distributed in the medullary and cortical area.

There are different types of melanin: eumelanin which gives black and brown color and pheomelanin which gives reddish yellow color.

The distribution of melanin granules is regulated by the alleles D: dense dominant and d: diluted.

This will result in multiple colors: black, blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon, fawn, red and cream.

color: turtle scales

From a genetic point of view this color is an exception, carried by sexual genes; it is in fact a heterozygous character of orange, present only on the X and not on the Y.


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