Preventing cat aging

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omega 3 and omega 6 can be found in different foods

Even cats, just like humans, benefit from some active ingredients that help slow down the aging process, thus helping the body to keep itself as fit as possible.

We are talking about nutraceuticals, or active ingredients present in foods that have the function of bringing health benefits. The important thing is that they are administered daily, here are some examples:

  • chondroprotectors: glucosamine and chondroitin sulfate, are a consolidated tool for the prevention of osteoarticular diseases. Their function is not only to protect the cartilage of the joints, but in the cat that does not tolerate anti-inflammatory drugs, to improve the symptoms of osteoarthritis.

  • polyunsaturated fatty acids : They derive from fish oil and are commonly known as omega 3 and omega 6. Their action is antioxidant, increasing the immune and anti-inflammatory defenses, reduces pain and the degeneration of cartilages.

  • vitamin E, selenium, taurine, lutein, bioflavonodes : they have an important antioxidant effect against free radicals responsible for cell aging, immune deficiencies and inflammatory processes linked to the third age.


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